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WIYNWisconsin, Indiana, Yale, NOAO (consortium)
WIYNWisconsin, Indiana, Yale and National (optical astronomy observatories)
WIYNWhat Is Your Number?
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By taking optimal advantage of the telescope's superb image quality over an unusually wide field of view, ODI will provide WIYN astronomers with a unique observational facility.
The WIYN Observatory is owned and operated by the WIYN Consortium (University of Wisconsin, Indiana University, Yale University, and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory).
The NEID instrument is a critical part of NASAs partnership with NSF; this state-of-art precision instrument will enable the community to search for new worlds using the WIYN Telescope," said Paul Hertz, NASA Astrophysics Division Director in Headquarters, Washington.
The team overlaid the ultrasharp Hubble images, which homed in on tiny details at the center of the galaxy, with the less detailed but broader WIYN images, which show the widely dispersed winds.
Observations with WIYN show that the jets switch on and off as sunlight briefly heats successive areas of the rotating comet.
A former high-school teacher, Patricia Knezek is deputy director of the WIYN Observatory and chairs the American Astronomical Society's Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy.
5-meter WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory, she studied 11 central stars of planetary nebulae and found that 10 showed radial-velocity variations of at least a few kilometers per second, likely due to the gravitational tug of an orbiting companion star.
3 Ritchey-Chretien Altazimuth Kitt Peak, AZ 31[degrees] 57' N 111[degrees] 36' W 2,089 m Run by the WIYN Consortium, this 3.
5-m telescopes has already received its spin-cast mirror and is beginning to look a lot like a scaled-up WIYN 3.
The Mayall reflector belongs to the last generation of medium-to-large astronomical telescopes: WIYN represents the new generation (S&T: July 1993.
Pilachowski, "I can see a point when we're down to the 4-meter [Mayall telescope] and a 40-percent ownership in WIYN [a new, collaborative 3.