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WIZOWomen's International Zionist Organization
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Toni Volcani (Tel Aviv: WIZO, 1951), 27; Aron Marko Rothmiiller, The Music of the Jews: An Historical Appreciation (London: Valentine Mitchell, 1953), 122-3.
Situations of violence in the home also affect some 600,000 children, who either suffer directly from abuse or witness it, WIZO says.
In 1961, WIZO wrote to Picasso: "A feeling of profound gratitude we want to express to you.
Because of the paucity of laws and the multiplicity of regulations, education policy is made and implemented by the senior staff of the Ministry of Education and the local authorities in cooperation with other interested parties, the non-state education networks, organizations like ORT, WIZO, Amal, Na'amat, or ultra-Orthodox bodies, and lately, also parent associations (ibid.).
WORCESTER: 2.25 Silvo, 3.00 Wiston Wizo, 3.35 Mabel Riley, 4.10 Eljay's Boy, 4.45: Tyre Hill Lilly, 5.20 Mr Dip, 5.50 Delightful Cliche.
The ad and accompanying text was published in Ha'aretz newspaper by leading women's organizations: IWN, NAAMAT, WE Power and WIZO. It calls for women to be situated in realistic on party lists and reminds everyone that every second voter is in fact a woman!
From a historical perspective, the strongest and most influential groups are evidently those created by the large women's organizations, Naamat and WIZO. Back in 1989, Naamat established Meihad-Naamat (which became independent in 2001 and renamed itself Meihad le-Atid).
The reason he had not seen them was because Etti had fled to a woman's refuge run by the leading charity WIZO. The BBC crew accompanied him when he attended a hearing in Tel Aviv and filmed him outside.
There are also chapters of international Jewish organizations such as B'nei Akiva, B'nai B'rith, B'nai B'rith Young Leadership, Keren Hayesod, Keren Kaymeth Leisrael, The World Zionist Organization, and Wizo. Many of these organizations have their own publications.
Shaked also called on the WIZO and Hadassah administrations to reveal their archives.
This created tensions, especially with the establishment of the Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) in England and its local branch in Germany, the Bund Zionistische Frauen (1921), about voting rights and budget allocations in regard to the Verband.
Zohar argued that her costumes offer options for both religious and secular buyers, but it doesn't look like WIZO is buying it.