WJDWirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland
WJDWhat Jesus Did
WJDWorld Juggling Day (International Jugglers' Association)
WJDWorld Jump Day
WJDWatson Jennings Day Partnership (London, UK)
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Says a spokesman for WJD: "Common mistakes include throwing two balls in a circle, or throwing both balls at the same time."
After WJD began nocturnal dialysis, he received approximately three times the amount of treatment time compared to patients on traditional hemodialysis.
WJD was able to achieve the desirable blood flow of 300 cc/min.
In WJD's case, antihypertensive medications were gradually tapered off and then discontinued as his blood pressure came down to levels below 140/90 (see Figure 1).
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Partners in Diabetes was first initiated when the second author (WJD) approached key persons of leadership in HealthPartners (HP), a large Minnesota-based HMO, and offered to assist them in starting a community engagement project.
An unexpected early experience in PID was that patients tended to function in the consumer role of the conventional provider/ consumer sequence even when efforts by the group's first facilitator (WJD) and other staff to work democratically were explicitly put forth.