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Her own books include Our Mother Saint Paul (WJK, 2007); The Acts of the Apostles, Abingdon New Testament Commentaries (Abingdon, 2003); I and II Thessalonians, Interpretation (WJK, 1998); Easter: Interpreting the Lessons of the Church Year (Fortress, 1996); Mary: Glimpses of the Mother of Jesus (Univ.
Kelly, president of WJK Advisory LLC and former RIMS president, was awarded the Harry and Dorothy Goodell Award, which is presented annually to an individual who has furthered the goals of the Society and risk management through outstanding service and achievement.
James Crossley is Lecturer in Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield, and author of Why Christianity Happened: A Sociohistorical Account of Christian Origins (Louisville: WJK, 2006)
where wjk is the asset value of the jth mutual fund in the kth category (4) of funds, and [W.sub.k] is the total dollar assets held by all funds in that category.
Bill Kelly, past president of the Risk & Insurance Management Society and president of WJK Advisory, recalls an example from his days in the banking industry.
A new edition of his book Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Reality and Resistance was published by WJK Press in 2005.
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Bargain hunters head straight to Downtown Crossing where you can find Macy's, Filene's Basement, TK Max and WJK Shoe Warehouse, which is full of cut-price boots and shoes.