WJLAWashington DC area television station; JLA comes from founder Joseph L. Allbritton
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If a student needs help, he or she will come to the school nurse's office and receive a confidential conference call with a licensed professional counselor, reported WJLA news.
"We put the veto in because they already said no to WJLA and we thought they'd say no to a lot of other things, and we wanted to make them feel comfortable."
A precampaign hourlong biographical infomercial about Carson was carried on multiple Sinclair stations, and WJLA, the Sinclair station in DC, ran an ad promoting it.
In 2000, Hill moved from WUSA to WJLA to become its chief meteorologist.
The complaint alleged WJLA aired two political advertisements with improper sponsorship announcements in September and October 2013.
Adding to the simmering anger on the streets, WJLA, an ABC affiliate, cited "multiple law enforcement" sources as saying that a medical examiner found that the spinal injury was caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport van after his arrest, breaking his neck.
According to WJLA, ABC News, "The firefighters used lights from their truck, and a radio tuned to a favorite station to create a nuptial-like atmosphere during the people's first dance."
"People who want to make frivolous complaints, people who want to make false complaints will know that there's evidence to show that those complaints are false," Fraternal Order of Police Chairman Delroy Burton told local news channel WJLA.
Stock Exchange Terror Plot Foiled, WJLA (June 18, 2013), http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/06/nsa-directorsays-n-y-stock-exchange-terror-plot- foiled-90260.html.
See also Whole Foods Market Responds to WJLA, Whole Foods Mkt., http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/whole-foods-market-responds-to-wjla (last visited Nov.
Helicopters circled the headquarters with some touching down on the building's roof, according to a live feed by Washington's WJLA TV.