WJPWorker Justice Project
WJPWomen Justice Program
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This sort of judicial harassment of human rights lawyers and defenders who are exercising their fundamental rights is exactly the sort of rule of law violation that continues to place Cambodia at the bottom of the WJP's Rule of Law Index.
From WJP: 'Freedom of Opinion and Expression are effectively guaranteed measures where an independent media, civil-society organizations, political parties and individuals are free to report and comment on government policies without fear of retaliation.' That certainly conflicts with what we are hearing in the news almost every day.
For the fourth consecutive year, the UAE has topped the WJP's Rule of Law Index in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.
WJP said an effective rule of law "reduces corruption, combats poverty and disease, and protects people from injustices large and small.
The results of the WJP Rule of Law Index was released Thursday.
The top three overall performers in the 2019 WJP Rule of Law Index were Denmark (1), Norway (2), and Finland (3); the bottom three were the Democratic Republic of the Congo (124), Cambodia (125), and Venezuela (126).
At 97th place out of 126 countries worldwide, Liberia improved two positions for overall rule of law performance in the WJP Rule of Law Index 2019 edition.
Pakistan's ranking in WJP's 2017-18 report The top three overall performers in the WJPs Rule of Law Index 2017-2018 were Denmark (1), Norway (2), and Finland (3) the bottom three were Afghanistan (111), Cambodia (112), and Venezuela (113).
Given this barometer, Pakistan indeed lags far behind than many other countries and we hope that the findings of the WJP will stimulate some fresh thinking amongst the relevant quarters including the judges, parliamentarians and law reform experts to work towards bringing much needed reforms which primarily should begin from the subordinate judiciary where the backlog of cases has literally jammed the entire judicial system.
The World Justice Project (WJP) is an independent, multidisciplinary organization working to advance the rule of law around the world.
Yearling steers to PS955 for Aberdeen Angus crosses from WJP Jenkins, Manmoel.
In this index, "Kenya rose five positions for overall rule of law performance (from 100 in the 2016 WJP Rule of Law Index) to 95 out of 113 countries in the 2017-2018 edition." WELL-ORGANISED ATTACKSOn analysing the breakdown of indicators, Kenya performed best on two areas: "Constraints on Government Powers" and "Open Government", where we emerged as the third-best nation in Africa.