WJSTWeston Jesuit School of Theology (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
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In the Netherlands study, the traffic intensity was 80,000-125,000 vehicles per day including 8,000-17,500 trucks, volumes lower than those seen at the East Los Angeles sites in this study This comparison is particularly troubling, as at least one recent study has indicated that increases of just 25,000 vehicles per day passing by schools on a main road were associated with a significant decrease--0.71 percent (95 percent confidence interval = 0.33 to 1.08)--in the lung function of 10-year-olds (Wjst et al., 1993).
This story of WJST concerns the prophetic and leadership demands of strategic planning for the twenty-first century.
Automobile traffic was associated with decreases in [FEV.sub.1] and PEF corresponding to < 0.1% per 5,000 cars/day in a German study (Wjst et al.
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