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WJZWetgeving en Juridische Zaken (Dutch: legislative and judicial matters)
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The Sun already has the deepest daily print coverage of Maryland news, and combining our resources with those of WJZ's talented broadcast newsroom means that our readers and WJZ viewers will benefit from an even more comprehensive news report," Tim Franklin, editor and senior vice president of the Sun, said in a statement.
The first radio coverage of the World Series was carried by a wireless station set up at the Electrical Show at the 71st Regiment Armory in New York City, and by station WJZ in Newark, N.
Indeed, Sarnoff became such a confirmed convert to the idea of networks comprised of phone-interconnected local stations, that he quickly established a second NBC network around New York City's WJZ which RCA already owned.
I had nothing to do with her disappearance - her drowning," Giordano told WJZ.
gov/Eddie%20Cantor (hereafter cited as Cantor-FBI); "Cantor Says Nazi Threaten His Life," Hollywood Reporter, September 1, 1938; Walter Winchell, The Jergens Journal, WJZ, November 14, 1937, unpublished script, Blue network Master Books, NBC Collection, Recorded Sound Section, Library of Congress.
As an example of the alleged effects from Satan's magic elixir, check out this headline from Baltimore CBS affiliate WJZ, reporting on a 21-year-old woman who slammed her Ford pickup into a telephone pole:
Police are appealing for any witnesses to the collision, or anyone who saw the vehicle, registration CK51 WJZ, shortly before the incident, to contact police on 01656 6555555.
When Rosenberg left the courthouse after testifying, a camera crew and reporter from Baltimore's WJZ were waiting for him.
4 the first radio play-by-play coverage of the World Series, reported directly from the Polo Grounds in New York City by Grantland Rice, was carried by radio station WJZ in Newark, N.
Past Work Experience: WBAL Radio, news anchor/reporter; Maryland Public Television, reporter/producer; WCBM Radio, owned by Metromedia; WJZ Television; Associated Press Radio/Washington; ABC Radio/Washington; press aide to former Maryland House Speaker Ben Cardin and Congressman Ben Cardin.