WK4Lotus 123 Spreadsheet File (file extension)
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figure 6 Weekly Average Volume and LOS in Minutes Volume LOS Wk1 176 241 Wk2 179 232 Wk3 178 228 Wk4 180 202 Wk5 188 212 Wk6 177 212 Wk7 171 211 Wk8 189 211 Wk9 206 202 Note: Table made from bar graphic.
10-12.7.54; 2) Room 7 bone: S3 Room of pithos heap of bones; S3 NW extension; 3) WK4. SW wall E.
What is especially attractive about this site is that the tables have already been translated into both Lotus 123 WK4 or Microsoft Excel XLS files, which may save you some time in converting data.
In addition to the WK1 files, this version can also work with multi-sheet WK3 and WK4 files.
That's when you have finally reached the ultimate frustration of finding that the Lotus 1-2-3 in SmartSuite 97 can't save a file in a WK4 format that can be read by SmartSuite 96 or that WordPerfect 8 has introduced a new equation editor that has dropped the double harpoon arrows that are integral to the language of chemistry.