WKBWell-Known Binary (computer language)
WKBWorkbook (File Name Extension)
WKBWentzel Kramers Brillouin (Approximation)
WKBWarrior Kings Battles (computer game)
WKBWarrior Knowledge Base (online database; US Army)
WKBWholesale Klezmer Band (est. 1982)
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Due to the new WKB format readout, this range could now be extended by data that is stored by ArcGIS as SDE.ST_GEOMETRY in PostgreSQL or Oracle.
Sessler, "WKB solution for wave propagation in a time-varying magnetoplasma medium: longitudinal propagation," IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, vol.
Using the WKB approximation the tunneling probability for the classically forbidden trajectory through the horizon is given by
WKB solutions of (5) are known as special solutions that are described as an exponential [mathematical expression not reproducible] where the expression [??](t, [epsilon]) satisfies a so-called Riccati equation
The WKB hypothesis that the probability current near the absorbing state x = 0 vanishes when the system size N grows without bound is not satisfied, and we do not use the stationary behavior of the PDE (which relaxes to a point mass) to analyze the quasistationary behavior of the master equations.
WKB: Will that connection be apparent to somebody who isn't a person of color living under the glove of racism?
In [1] WKB (WentzelKramers-Brillouin) analysis of PT-symmetric Sturm-Liouville problems were considered.
Avail, online at: http://www.ices.dk/sites/pub/Publication%20Reports/Expert%20Group%20Report/acom/2013/ WKB YCS/wkbycs_final_2013.pdf.
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[40] studied the transverse free vibrations of typical truncated nonuniform Euler-Bernoulli beams by using a WKB global approximation.
Based on WKB and paraxial theory, the critical curves are drawn and laser spot size evolution is analysed for inhomogeneous plasma.