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WKCIWorld Knowledge Competitiveness Index
WKCIWest Kildonan Collegiate Institute (Winnipeg, Canada)
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wKCI attack has been studied in some works in recent years [19, 20], however, few of researchers considers the sKCI attack [17].
Case 2: A only asks a long--term key [reveal.sub.b] query to one of the users in the test session and launches the wKCI attack.
When A asks a long term key [reveal.sup.b] query to A in the test session and launches the wKCI attack, S can answer all the queries A asks as in the Case 1 since S knows all the participants' long-term keys except B.
San Jose, the heart of California's Silicon Valley heads the WKCI 2008, followed by the US regions of Boston, Hartford, Bridgeport, and San Francisco.
The WKCI is a benchmark of the knowledge capacity, capability and sustainability of 145 regions across the globe, and the extent to which this knowledge is translated into economic value, and transferred into the wealth of the citizens of these regions.