WKKWarmte Kracht Koppeling (Dutch: Combined Heat and Power)
WKKWho Killed Kenny?
WKKWarszawski Klub Kolarski (Polish: Warsaw Cycling Club; Warsaw, Poland)
WKKZweckverband Wasserversorgung Kleine Kinzig (German: Small Water Supply Association Kinzig; Germany)
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Aware of such obstacles, the WKK clinic has developed special programmes and support for newly-arrived staff members.
47 Wong's International Holdings' property division, and WKK's equipment group are excluded.
Under the MoU, WKK will support aircraft manufacturing and technology transfer to Qatar.
Citing Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller, and WKK Kellogg, Ms Aviv said: "The great business leaders of the past came into giving and changed the face of philanthropy, and this can do the same."
("WKK") bringing Wyeth's ownership interest in the Wyeth/Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited joint venture to 80 percent.
Present at the meeting were: Pemanca Ngimet Ayu' (Pa'Mein/Bued Mein Baruh) Penghulu Hew Jalla (Long Lellang/Bued mein Baruh), TK Tama Pasang (Pa' Umur), TK Mada' Karuh, (Kubaan/Arur Dalan), WKK Maran Tunen (Pa'Bengar/Arur Layun), Balang Radu (Bario Asal), Puun Ulun (Pa' Dalih) Bawang Nungen (Bario Asal), Udan (Pa' Ramapuh), David Labang (Pa' Bengar/Padnag Pasir) and Lucy Labang (Bario Asal/Padang Pasir).
The Qatar Armed Forces signed a MoU with Polish company WKK, specialised in the manufacture of composite materials and fuselage production, for the purchase of 51% of its shares.
Internationally acclaimed architects Atkins, in collaboration with WKK and Armeftis & Associates, have created a landmark project with a distinctive shape that stands out in every sense.