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WKRN News reported that someone had snapped a photo of the officers packing the groceries into the man's cabinets and posted it on Facebook.
On breaking news, WKRN often assigns a VJ to do a "live walk-and-talk" with someone involved in the story.
"It's like they took all the rules here and hucked them out the window," says WKRN morning anchor Nell Orne.
According to WKRN, both Watts Bar and Sequoyah nuclear plants are designed to withstand an earthquake of up to 5.8 magnitudes.
WKRN.com reported that David Espino, a part owner of a Madison, Tennessee, discount tobacco store, "bought himself a gun.
I saw the hair go everywhere and the cat was not moving at all," Stephanie Ralph, who witnessed the crime said, ABC-affiliated television station (https://www.wkrn.com/news/local-news/macc-investigating-after-family-witnesses-cat-thrown-from-moving-car/1547103312) WKRN reported.
He has rallied WKRN to become a strong competitor in the market.
WKRN.com noted that when Stackhouse was presented "with the sales paperwork, [Stackhouse] pulled a .25-caliber handgun from his pocket." Lambert, who somewhat ironically was wearing his "Friends of the NRA" baseball cap, quickly drew his own gun.
The resolution is yet to be filed, ABC affiliated (http://wkrn.com/2018/02/26/drafted-resolution-calls-for-nashville-mayor-megan-barry-to-step-down/) WKRN reported. 
of the Metro Nashville Police Department, a 32-year veteran in the police force, subsequently admitted to having the affair with the mayor. Forrest also retired on Wednesday from the force, just hours before Barry released the statement, according to ABC-affiliate WKRN.
Dr. Oscar Guillamondegui, M.D., MPH, Medical Director of Trauma ICU in Vanderbilt said: "This is the first time this institution has had to deal with a mass casualty from a school shooting, and I don't think it's someone anyone can be prepared for fully,"(http://wkrn.com/2018/01/23/kentucky-high-school-on-lockdown-due-to-reported-shooting/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WKRN-TV_Nashville) WKRN.Com reported.