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WKYWistar-Kyoto Rat
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Efecto de la administracion in situ intracerebelar de AM sobre la PAM en ratas SD, WKY y SHR adultas sometidas a estres por EEP
Analysis of variance and least significant difference were used to analyze data from the SHR while t-test was employed for WKY data.
Since several changes have been described in the bone metabolism of hypertensive subjects, the purpose of this study was to evaluate bone healing in defects created in the mandibles of SHR and control WKY rats.
He was the staff singer at radio station WKY in Oklahoma City before joining the Navy during World War II and serving on a munitions ship.
Effects of different refined carbohydrates on the blood pressure of SH and WKY Rats.
90] compared to the WKY group, although only those from the hypertensive groups (SHR, SHR-STZ) were associated with reduced [+ or -] dL/dt.
However, in our preliminarily study using the current experimental protocol, significant difference between WKY and SHR detrusors from 12-week-old male rats was found, but not in female detrusors (Data not shown).
A similar kidney SOD activity that we found in SHR and W rats was in accordance with data obtained by Fortepiani and Reckelhoff [36] who showed that the expression of kidney Mn-SOD and Cu and Zn-SOD was similar in WKY and SHR despite higher ability of hypertensive kidney to produce superoxide.
02 mg/kg inhibits ACTH and corticosterone concentrations in the rat race all (Boron Norwey) BN, (Fischer344) F344, (Wistar-Kyoto) WKY, (Lewis) LEW and (Spontaneously hypertensive rate)
La determinacion del factor de necrosis tumoral alfa solo pudo realizarse en 7 ratas WKY y en 7 ratas espontaneamente hipertensas.
Twenty four male SHRs and eight male WKY rats, aged of seven weeks, were obtained from the National Laboratory Animal Center, Taipei, Taiwan, and raised in an air-conditioned room (25[degrees]C) with a 12 h light-dark cycle (lighting from 7:00 to 19:00).