WKZWilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis (children's hospital of the UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands)
WKZWerbekostenzuschuß (German: Provision)
WKZCompressed Spreadsheet (File Name Extension)
WKZWet Kwaliteit Zorginstellingen (Dutch: Care Institutions Quality Act; Netherlands)
WKZWährungskennzeichen (German; banking)
WKZWiener Kommando Zentrale (German: Vienna Central Command; gaming)
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a) testing the limits of the investment and security, maintenance and inspection of archaeological sites to the time of reception research by WKZ and by the Employer,
C) storage, maintenance and supervision of acquired treasures and hand them in agreement with WKZ, to the relevant museum collections;
E) WKZ obtain confirmation of the completion and final acceptance testing;
- On archaeological excavations qualified for the WKZ and on the potential broadening of these positions in accordance with decisions WKZ - applies to Stage II investment (from DK 25 to DK 15).
15 and 25, together with the development of research results - Extensions of the positions in the areas studied in the framework of previous agreements on behalf GDDKiA Branch in Bydgoszcz in the range specified in the decision of the Regional Conservator - relates to Phase I of the investment (DK DK 15 to 25),- On the potential archaeological sites are located and discovered by archaeological supervision earthworks - applies to Stage I and Stage II investment (from DK 25 to DK 25 / DK 15),- On archaeological excavations qualified by WKZ and potential broadening of these positions in accordance with decisions WKZ - Stage II concerns the investment (from DK DK 25 to 15).