WLADWashington Law Against Discrimination (Washington State)
WLADWorld Lymphoma Awareness Day (Lymphoma Coalition)
WLADWelsh Ladies Angling Division (ladies fly fishing club; Pembroke, Wales, UK)
WLADWelsh Learning Aims Database (UK)
WLADWeighted Least Absolute Deviation
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Ychwanegodd Lloyd: "Mae Cymru yn wlad llawn talent, a dw i methu aros i ddod o hyd i'r talentau hynny sydd eto i'w darganfod.
The state and the couple sued, each alleging violations of the WLAD and the Consumer Protection Act.
The magazine highlighted the criticism 'Wlad El Ghalaba' faced because of the similarity of shots and certain details in the story with those in the series 'Breaking Bad', to indicate that the author of the Egyptian series did not even reach a level that competes with the American production.
Gwl y trefnwyr, Menter Patagonia, hyn fel cyfle gwych i gryfhau'r ddolen ieithyddol unigryw rhwng y ddwy wlad a rhoi cyd-destyn cyfoes i'r Gymraeg yno.
He sounds more indignant than Wlad who, while still irritated, too, about Haye's little toe wailing following his points' defeat, thinks he has a remedy for public self-delusion.
It is important that Wales is noticed for the important part that we are playing in this field and the fact that Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau will be heard by competitors from across the world will ensure that we are noticed in Turkey.
Wlad Farias has over 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Brazilian broadcast market where he has worked on developing sales and marketing strategies for several years leading projects at majors broadcast network.
In the end neither God Save the Queen nor Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau were played and the clubs chose their own song, with City plumping for Men of Harlech
His big break came against Wlad's brother in April 2000 when, despite a convincing lead, Vitali Klitschko was forced to retire due to a shoulder problem and Byrd became champion.
Wythnos y Sioe yw uchafbwynt y calendr amaethyddol yng Nghymru, ac mae'n gyfle gwych i arddangos y gorau o'r wlad. Mae Cymru yn un o'r darparwyr bwyd a diod gorau yn y byd, ac mae angen clodfori hynny gyda'r Sioe Frenhinol."
The Lebanese star released the song "Wlad El Haram" on March 5th, which marks his collaboration with poet Mounir Bou Assaf and composer Melhim Abu Shdeed and the new song did not depart from the romantic style Kfoury adopts in his songs.
Nod y mudiad, sy''n gweithio o gwmpas Prydain gyda phobl o bob oedran, yw cael Cristion ymhob un o''r 15,000 clwb chwaraeon yn y wlad. Bydd Rhys Meirion yn cwrdd chyfarwyddwr y mudiad, Graham Daniels, a myfyrwyr sy''n rhan o''r grwp.