WLASWireless LAN (Local Area Network) Advanced Sales
WLASWills and Legacies Advisory Service (Royal National Institute of the Blind; UK)
WLASWindows Live Academic Search (Microsoft)
WLASWith Lights and Sirens (band)
WLASWorld List of Agricultural Serials (USDA)
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The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) has identified the Singapore-bound Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) pair covered by a Wildlife Loan Agreement (WLA) between the Philippines and Singapore.
The Grievance Redressal Mechanism available to users of WLA is same as that available to users of banks' ATMs for failed/disputed transactions.
Any non- bank entity intending to set up WLAs should have a minimum net worth of ` 100 crore as per the latest financial year's audited balance sheet.
The use of autobiographical literature enables the author to explore some of the personal rewards that women gained from working the land in the WLAs. How typical their experiences were, and how we balance their participation against the work performed in both wars by non-enlisted workers, children, local women and Prisoners of War, necessitate more nuanced assessment.
'The primary objective of permitting non-banks to operate WLA's was to enhance the spread of ATMs in semi-urban and rural areas, mainly tier III to VI areas, where bank owned ATM penetration was not growing,' RBI said.
At that time, OCLC announced that it was providing WorldCat metadata on library holdings to WLAS, "similar to its involvement in projects with other popular search engines and services," but Quint said she couldn't find any listings.
THE ABOLITION LECTURES given at the Smithsonian Institution by the Washington Lecture Association (WLA) from December 1861 to April 1862 offer a case study of radical antislavery Christian political activity in wartime Washington and its clash with American science.
The remaining 20 percent did not know any instance of migration close to their area after it deteriorated with WLAS, during the last decade.
A TMDL is the sum of the individual wasteload allocations (WLAs) for point sources (e.g., municipal and/or industrial wastewater treatment plant or stormwater discharges), load allocations (LAs) for nonpoint sources (e.g., runoff from farms, ranches, mines, forests), natural background (e.g., naturally occurring arsenic), plus a "margin of safety" (MOS).
Wlas' limber choreography, and the whole cast led by music director Kailey Rockwell is vocally accomplished.
Regarding social skills, other self-report measures have been developed to assess the frequency of behavior, and among the best known are the WolpeLazarus Assertiveness Scale (WLAS; Wolpe & Lazarus, 1966), the Rathus Assertiveness Schedule (RAS; Rathus, 1973), the College Self-Expression Scale (CSES; Galassi, DeLo, Galassi, & Bastien, 1974), the Response Probability Subscale of the Assertion Inventory (AI-RP; Gambrill & Richey, 1975), and the Adult Self-Expression Scale (ASES; Gay, Hollandsworth, Jr., & Galassi, 1975).