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WLBWork-Life Balance (sociology)
WLBWan Load Balancer
WLBWeb Load Balance
WLBWireless Builder
WLBWeak-Side Linebacker (pro football)
WLBWelsh Language Board (Wales, UK)
WLBWomen's League of Burma
WLBWar Labor Board (1942-1945; now National Wage Stabilization Board)
WLBWilson Library Bulletin (professional bulletin; published 1914-1995)
WLBBuoy Tender, Seagoing (USCGC)
WLBWeapons Logbook
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Next, the estimated coefficient for X2 (-0.83, t = -2.67, P=0.013) suggests that the variable ' WFC' has a statistically significant negative impact on the WLB of women faculty members thereby endorses [H.sub.2].
Supportive organizational climate for WLB generally results in improved physical and psychological health of the employees, lower rates of absenteeism, improved productivity, enhanced level of organizational commitment, higher level of perceived job satisfaction etc.
For additional details on the Harvard Kennedy School Women's Leadership Board, visit the WLB website @ http://www.hks.harvard.edu/centers/wappp/womens-leadership-board.
(2008:261) conclude that "It would appear that work-life conflict is not only a moral issue--it is a productivity and economic issue, a workplace issue and a social issue, and needs to be addressed as such." We, therefore, explore this issue in context of FFPs, WLB, QWL and working women in Oman.
Building on the strength of the WLB brand name, this collaboration will help Payvision to win Chinese Merchant''s trust, expanding our business network in the second largest internet market of the world."
Find your WLB and you will change the way you feel about waking up and going to work every day.
"We are not concerned with any negativity from the public, whilst acknowledging that we are not calling to increase expenditure overnight." The WLB is to be wound up at the end of the month, with its work split between the Welsh Government and a new Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws.
The Confederation of British Industry Wales, has attacked the WLB for its stance.
Conflict between work and home life has been linked to job dissatisfaction and turnover and increasingly organisations are using work-life balance (WLB) initiatives to recruit and retain key personnel.
Considering the availability of the benefits guaranteed by the Polish Labour Code, we found a lot of employees who claimed that the given WLB solutions were not available for them (7-44% of respondents) (Table 1).
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is set to provide a four-year, $8 million worth of Women's Livelihood Bond (WLB) for around 385,000 women in Southeast Asia.