WLCDWeb Lecture Capture Device
WLCDWindows Live Custom Domains
WLCDWarren L. Chord Development
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* When installing a WLCD, you'll need to leave enough water in the pond for the beavers to survive the winter (at least 3 feet of water at the lodge--and remember to factor in the typical depth of ice for that area; 3 feet of solid ice will not do the beavers any good).
* Particularly with some of the older WLCD models, installation is trickier in shallow water.
* Older WLCD designs may need more frequent maintenance than modern devices.
We urge you to maintain an open and skeptical mind; to search for the most current information; to consider ideas from all sources; and to tinker with techniques and tools, including WLCDs, as you would with other control devices such as traps.
* There have been improvements in WLCDs that may reduce the cost and maintenance requirements while making installation easier.
* WLCDs can be used to protect beaver wetlands while minimizing the risk of damage.
Integrated strategies might combine the use of WLCDs with the harvesting of beaver to maintain sustainable population levels.
* Regular inspection and maintenance of WLCDs is crucial, especially during the first two weeks after installation.
* If you install WLCDs or fences, consider offering maintenance services, too.
* The best WLCDs keep beavers away from the culvert's intake pipe and regulate the water level in the pond.
Making the most of water level control devices (WLCDs):
* sites that lack proper maintenance, because pitchfork guards need more frequent cleaning than other WLCDs