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WLCSWalled Lake Consolidated Schools (Southfield, MI)
WLCSWork Locus of Control Scale
WLCSWorld Longboard Championship Series (surfing)
WLCSWasilla Lake Christian School (Wasilla, AK)
WLCSWorkload & Cost Schedule
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Correlations between work locus of control, stress coping styles and burnout in study group (N = 155) Pearson correlation coefficient (r) Variable WLC E P A WLC 1.00 0.48*** -0.25** 0.20* E 1.00 -0.08 0.30*** P 1.00 -0.08 A 1.00 EX DEP PA Pearson correlation coefficient (r) Variable EX DEP PA WLC 0.36*** 0 32*** 029*** E 0.32*** 0.34*** -0.34*** P -0.16* -0.16* 0.20* A 0.04 0.13 0.01 EX 1.00 0.44*** -0.43*** DEP 1.00 0 37*** PA 1.00 WLC--work locus of control; E--emotion-focused coping style; P--problem-focused coping style; A--avoidance-oriented coping style; EX--emotional exhaustion; DEP--depersonalization; PA--personal accomplishment.
The internal reliability of the tools used as measured by the alpha values are all above 0.8 (alpha value for WLCS is 0.84, WWBI is 0.82, CCSIR is 0.84) indicating high internal reliability.
After finding that it could not secure WLCS in more than a handful of school districts, in the early 1980s BCTF set the explicit target of achieving full, formal, bargaining rights.
To overcome the limitation of the I-E scale of general locus of control developed by Rotter, the WLCS was designed to measure control beliefs in a specific domain and has been proven to be a better predictor of work behaviors than the generalized measure of locus of control.
Results on a graph that show LCS seem better, since LCS is a less strict method of evaluation than WLCS.
The sample sizes for WLCS, RLOC and LMLC were, respectively, 194, 212 and 170.
The WPP-SR was significantly correlated with both the JRSE (r=.32, p < .001) and the WLCS (r=-.35, p<.001).
Locus of control The 16-item summated rating work locus of control scale (WLCS) as developed by Spector[7] was employed.
Well leg compartment syndrome (WLCS) is a term reserved for CS in a nontraumatic setting, usually resulting from prolonged lithotomy position during urologic, gynecologic, or orthopedic surgery [3].