WLESWest Liberty Elementary School (Iowa)
WLESWide Load Escort Services (UK)
WLESWebLogic Enterprise Security (Bea Systems)
WLESWing Leading Edge Sensor (aerospace technology)
WLESWorkstation/Laptop Environment Stabilization (now Desktop Management)
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In Section II of the CDG paper, there are eight remarks related to median years to retirement (hereafter MYR) and worklife expectancy (hereafter WLE).
CDG admit that their "hypothetical data (in Table 1) are intentionally exaggerated" to clarify the differences between MYR and WLE. However, this "exaggeration" results in examples that do not reflect the real world.
As Graphs 3 through 14 show, one does not observe random relationships between measured MYR and WLE when we compare the MYR to the WLE for actives ([WLE.sub.a]) for the same sex and level of education.] Very regular patterns are observed.
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Graphs 7 and 8, for men and women, respectively, show that "current age plus WLE" for the active population increases with education as does MYR depicted in Graphs 3 and 4.(20) Tables A7 and A8 present WLEs of men and women for the general and active populations for the same six educational groups used to compute MYR.
For men and women with no high school degree, our results show markedly higher WLEs. See Tables 3 and 6 in Appendix C.
For male college graduates, our results show slightly higher WLEs for most age groups, while our results for women college graduates show slightly lower WLEs.
Mrs Kno wles said: ``There was only my aunt and I who ever went in the bedroom where the money was kept.
Mrs Kno wles took the tape to police, who arrested the carer later on the same day.
Mrs Kno wles said: ``What sort of message does this send to other people in positions of trust?''
His friend, the Prince of Wles, pointed out that even he had to swear the oath and urged him to think again.