WLHAWyoga Lake Homeowners Association (Ohio)
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What makes WLHA distinguished from other classifications' methods such as the hotel size, location, target markets, levels of service, facilities provided, number of rooms, ownership and affiliation that it classifies hotels based on customers' experience and actual guests' reviews.
Club Paradise Palawan proudly won two awards from WLHA in 2017 namely Continent Winner in the Luxury Private Island Resort category and Country Winner in the Luxury Family Beach Resort category.
When taking reproductive decisions, the WLHA take into consideration the fact they live with HIV and the possible risk of transmission of the virus to the fetus.
However, a review of the literature on abortion by WLHA does not allow one to understand how these different factors influence in the decision to interrupt a pregnancy post-diagnosis, especially in countries where abortion is illegal (6).
The women were divided into the following two groups: WLHA and women not living with HIV/Aids (WNLHA).
(11), which estimated the prevalence of induced abortion for the two populations studied (WLHA and WNLHA).
Chart 1 shows a summary of the data as well as some variables about the WLHA who had a post-diagnosis abortion and the pregnancies that were voluntarily terminated.
The HIV diagnosis has an undeniable impact on the reproductive decisions of WLHA. However, its influence on the decision to terminate a pregnancy should be viewed situationally, since most women who stated not wanting the pregnancy because they were living with the virus had other children after having received the diagnosis.
This finding may indicate that the more time post-diagnosis the more knowledge WLHA have about the PMTCT and the possibility of giving birth to children free of the virus, as shown by the results published by Bui et al.
The desire not to have children, or not to have children at that particular moment, was also a reason for abortion stated by WLHA. However, there seems to be an inconsistency between the lack of desire to become a mother and the use of contraception.