WLHPWater-Loop Heat Pump (energy conservation device)
WLHPWe Love Harry Potter (fan website)
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EPRI researchers developed new control algorithms to optimize the operation of the WLHP system, based on four years of recordina WLHP data at a commercial building in Connecticut.
Entering WLHP GWHP Liquid and Air Water Loop Groundwater ELT (Sink--Cooling) 86[degrees]F 59[degrees]F (30[degrees]C) (15[degrees]C) ELT (Source--Heating) 68(30[degrees]C) 50[degrees]F (20(30[degrees]C) (10[degrees]C) EAT (db/wb, Cooling) 80.6/66.2[degrees]C) (27/19[degrees]C) EAT (Heating) 68[degrees]F (20[degrees]C) Entering GLHP GLHP Liquid and Air Ground Loop (Part Load) ELT (Sink--Cooling) 77[degrees]F 68[degrees]F (25[degrees]C) (20[degrees]C) ELT (Source--Heating) 32[degrees]F 41[degrees]F (0[degrees]C) (5[degrees]C) EAT (db/wb, Cooling) EAT (Heating) Values for TC, EER, HC and COP do not include fan power to circulate air through duct and filters and power to pump water through heat pumps and piping loop.
Rating Point Temperatures of Water-to-Air Heat Pumps Standards Water Loop (WLHP) ARI 320 ISO 13256 EWTc 85[degrees]F 86[degrees]F (30[degrees]C) EWTh 70[degrees]F 68[degrees]F (20[degrees]C) EATc(Wb) 67[degrees]F 66.2[degrees]F (19[degrees]C) EATh 70[degrees]F 68[degrees]F (20[degrees]C) 1.