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WLIFWireless LAN Interoperability Forum
WLIFWarfighting Lab Incentive Fund (US DoD)
WLIFWomen Leaders Intercultural Forum
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The WLIF has also established a program to certify the interoperability of RF terminals.
It is worth noting that the standard from WLIF is written to encourage other radio suppliers such as Aironet and Lucent Technologies to offer their own WLIF compliant interfaces.
WECA, WLANA, IEEE 802.11, HiperLAN2, Bluetooth, HomeRF, WLIF: what do they do and what is their value?
* WLI Forum - The WLIF established OpenAir as an interoperable wireless LAN standard in 1996, and the standard is available to any company that joins the forum.
Wireless LAN companies formed the Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum (WLIF) in 1996 as a not-for-profit organization to promote the use of wireless LANs through the delivery of interoperable products and services.
The OpenAir standard is available to all members of the WLIF, and membership is open to any vendor whose business includes wireless or mobile products.
This move shifted into high gear last year when IEEE passed the 802.11 interoperability standard and the Wireless Interoperability Forum (WLIF) created the OpenAir standard.
A simultaneous but separate approach to interoperability was also being pursued-the Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum (WLIF).
The WLIF had already certified over 20 commercial systems as interoperable, and expects more this year.
CBS Balto A/C WLIF & Hot A/C WWMX both stay at 0.2.
RangeLAN2 is certified and complies with the OpenAir wireless LAN standard set by the Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum (WLIF), a nonprofit organization of more than 25 leading wireless vendors which supports interoperability among members' products.