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WLLWireline Logging (oil industry)
WLLWireless Local Loop
WLLWorking Load Limit
WLLWest Lothian Leisure (Scotland, UK)
WLLWindows Live Local
WLLWhole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin song)
WLLWith Limited Liability
WLLWorld Link for Law (various locations)
WLLWindows Live Local (software)
WLLWest London Line (railway)
WLLWavelength-Locked Loop (optical communications)
WLLWireless Loop In Line
WLLWednesday Lunch Location
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Netherley WLL (Doig 2) stay top of the under-14s after Whiston Juniors (Regan) were beaten 2-1, Swanside Boys (Matty Murphy 2, Zac Taylor) won 3-0 at St Anne's Rovers and Marine Youth (Chris Doyle, Jonathan Cahill, Tom Owens) edged a cup thriller with Millennium (Ditchfield, Hasty) 3-2.
The keys to the successful deployment of WLL networks are service, quality and functionality.
Whiston Juniors under 12s had Kyle Cleaver and Jamie Pendleton on target in a 2-1 win over Sao Paulo (Lee Smith), Netherley WLL Boys (Kieran Eccles, Ryan Doyle, Jay Thomas, Shaun Fallon, Adam Evans) saw off Roma (Ronnie Crosbie 3) 7-3 and Luis Corness scored all five for Netherley WLL's against Paschal Ola.
For live updates on WLL log in or try Benzinga Pro today.
"Their higher WLL means fewer straps can be used to secure heavier loads," notes Luick.
Of the total 34,723 complaints, the Authority received 22,372 against Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs), 12,019 against PTCL, 213 against ISPs and 119 against WLL operators.
ISDN channels and WLL connections fell to 36,876 and 1,501 in May from 45,238 and 1,754 respectively in April.
The spokesperson said that subsequent to the Policy Directives of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan Councils, PTA published advertisement and Information Memorandum (IM) for "Auction of Spectrum in 1900 MHz and 3.5 GHz for WLL Services at AJ and K and GB" on 16th October 2015.
[sup][3] Although various treatments have been investigated, including granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), rituximab, plasmapheresis, stem cell transplantation, pulmonary transplantation of macrophage progenitors, marrow transplantation, and lung transplantation surgery, the current gold standard therapy for PAP is whole lung lavage (WLL).
Than from each datum the plant weight (W) in kg, number of perfect leaves (NPL), the length of the longest leaf (LLL) in cm, and the width of the longest leaf (WLL) in cm are measured.
Some good news in the fixed-line market seemed to come with the arrival of Wireless Local Loop (WLL) services and the licensing of a multitude of WLL operators.
The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) issued a determination order to temporarily suspend the license granted to the company to provide WLL services due to an old dispute on spectrum fees.