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WLLSWireless Link Layer Security
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[sup][2] We conducted WLL following specific criteria, including a resting PaO [sub]2 <65 mmHg (1 mmHg = 0.133 KPa), PA-aO [sub]2 >40 mmHg, or shunt fraction >10%.
The paired t -test was used to compare the data before and after the WLL. Multiple comparison analysis of variance and the Kruskal-Wallis test were performed to investigate differences in parameters among the three groups according to WLL times.
A careful examination of the current ATLAS technical manual (TM), TM 10-3930-673-10, incorrectly illustrates the chain used in the tiedown illustration as 0.38-inch chain (3/8-inch) having a 9,000-pound capacity working load limit (WLL).
If you use grade 70 steel transport chains, 3/8-inch with a WLL of 6,600 pounds, you must use a minimum of 17 chains--10 to restrain forward motion, 6 to restrain aft motion, and 1 to restrain the forklift's boom and fork assembly.
Since the early 1960s, the most effective therapy has been whole lung lavage (WLL), which remains the current standard treatment.
Several procedures for WLL have been reported in the literature.
This was clear to Helen Armstrong, a radical with impressive credentials who had travelled to Calgary to represent the Winnipeg Women's Labor League (WLL).
(47) Even as leading Vancouver labourists claimed to be ready to give women workers every help in unionizing -- they only had to ask -- the VNWTLC was refusing to let a newly-formed women's Labour League (WLL) branch use its facilities.
The situation can be changed with the introduction of the Wireless Local Loop (WLL).
Among many choices of technologies that can be used in WLL environments, cellular and microcellular systems can be used in the 900, 1800, and 1900MHz ranges with 9.6Kbps for 10-100 users within a few kilometers or smaller area.
Part I covers the theoretical aspects which include propagation, modulation, coding, channel modeling and traffic engineering issues of WLL, while Part II covers prototype designs of various access protocols and a mobility manager as well as a remote management system and provision of multimedia services.
While its capability as a high capacity radio interface is undisputed, DECT's future could be as a WLL extension to GSM networks, as a medium for private short-range local voice and data networks, and possibly for wireless private branch exchange solutions.