WLMEWorld's Largest Math Event
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Beginning with WLME 4, additional activity ideas have been made available through links from the NCTM Web site (www.nctm.org).
Probably one of the most remarkable attributes of the WLME project is that the materials encourage teachers to take the ideas presented in the activity books and run with them.
The original WLME materials suggested a similar experiment: simulating a climb up the stairs of the Statue of Liberty.
- another extension to the problems posed in the WLME materials.
In Wasco, California, 240 students celebrated WLME by walking from Thomas Jefferson Middle School to the high school auditorium, a registered landmark.
A "one-minute response card" was enclosed with the WLME 4 booklet.
I participate in WLME every year and look forward to it.