WLMPWholesale Logistics Modernization Program
WLMPWater Level Monitoring Plan
WLMPWater Level Monitoring Program
WLMPWindows, Light-TPD, MySQL, PHP
WLMPWindows Live Messenger Plus (Microsoft)
WLMPWindows Live Messenger Plus!
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Sponsored by Union Bank and implemented by Rural Development and Reformation Foundation (RUDERF) in conjunction with the Igbodo Development Union (IDU), WLMP is a community-based mentorship programme that utilises local human resources and trained mentors to build and strengthen community youths using a structured curriculum.
Further, a participant who identified as "a Black woman who is able-bodied" explains that despite concrete efforts by the WLMP to match students with a mentor who shares a cultural community, these efforts did not translate into positive outcomes for her:
The Women's Legal Mentoring Program (WLMP) is the first ever feminist, student-led initiative designed to address the unique needs of female students (University of Ottawa, "Women's Legal Mentorship Program Outline", online: <commonlaw.uottawa.ca>).
Asch was recognized for his contributions to implementing the partnering program at CECOM and his outstanding efforts as business manager for WLMP.
He enhanced the WLMP by sponsoring several partnering workshops and implemented written charters to optimize contract performance.
For the next year, as the contractors developed Request for Proposals (REP), WLMP electronically posted all sections of the REP and attachments and received comments from industry in the secure area of the IBOP to protect sensitive comments.
The WLMP team test ran the mock proposals though a newly developed source selection tool, the Acquisition Source Selection Interactive Support Tool (ASSIST).
A multifunctional group consisting of the WLMP Special Projects Team, the IBOP team, and a government data systems analyst conceptualized, designed, and developed the ASSIST electronic source selection tool.
CSC's Federal Sector Defense Group is the prime contractor for the WLMP and will lead a team that includes IBM, Bethesda, Md.; KPMG LLP, Washington, D.C.; GRC International, Vienna, Va.; Metters Industries, McLean, Va.; and SIGNAL Corp., Fairfax, Va.