WLMSWorkload Management System
WLMSWorld Language Mapping System
WLMSWest Lee Middle School (Sanford, NC)
WLMSWest Lake Middle School (Apex, NC)
WLMSWater Level Monitoring System
WLMSWiener Least Mean Squares (algorithm)
WLMSWolf Lake Middle School (Apopka, FL)
WLMSWeighted Least Mean Squares (algorithm)
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Moreover, we have also visited the early warning device installed in Barangay Santo Nino in Naval, which functions as a receiver of data from the WLMS on Caraycaray Bridge.
It shall facilitate and coordinate the tenancy/use of the identified site for the monitoring station unit and provide and install two units of Automated Rain Gauge (ARG), one unit of tandem (ARG+WLMS) and two units of Water Level Monitoring System (WLMS) equipment, among others.
(WLM) on both sides of the Atlantic, trying to make women of all
within a domestic setting received much criticism from the WLM, for
His total exposure to radon progeny as a uranium miner was 506 working level months (WLM).
The WLMS on the other hand, measures water level in a particular area where the device is installed.
San Diego said the installed EWDs include Automated Weather Station (AWS), Automated Rain Gauge (ARG), and Water Level Monitoring System (WLMS).
Tenders are invited for 1.Water Level Monitoring System (Wlms) Along With Installation Of Intelligent Field Device (Ifd) For Regular Monitoring Of Water Level In The River At Br.
Tenders are invited for Manning Of Unmanned Gate, Supply Of 95,928 M3 Machine Crushed Stone Ballast, Water Level Monitoring System (Wlms) Along With Installation Of Intelligent Field Device (Ifd).
Tenders are invited for Installation Of Water Level Monitoring System(Wlms) At Important Railway Bridges (13Ccr In Between Dumdum JunctionDankuni & 17A In Between Krishnanagarcity JunctionLalgola) Over Sealdah Division, Eastern Railway.
In fact system performance evaluation is often based on standard figures of merit (Weighted Least Mean Square (WLMS) accuracy Dilution of precision (DOP) DOC etc.) and on macro-models for the environment which consider a number of assumptions and simplifications.