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WLNWilson (Amtrak station code; Wilson, NC)
WLNWashington Library Network
WLNWestern Library Network
WLNWiswesser Line Notation (notation used in organic chemistry)
WLNWriting Lab Newsletter (International Writing Centers Association)
WLNLittle Naukati, Alaska (Airport Code)
WLNWeapons Logistics Network
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All of the authors have invited readers to see extended and in-depth discussions of their work in their corresponding chapters in How We Teach Writing Tutors: A WLN Digital Edited Collection, available under the "Digital Resources" tab on the WLN website.
Mae'r ystadegau diweddaraf yn dangos gostyngiad yn nifer y defaid a gedwir a gellir rhagweld na fydd digon o wln i ateb y galw.
Brooks' article is reprinted in nearly every collection of writing center readings, and WLN editor Muriel Harris reports that Brooks' article is the mostoften requested reprint over the 25plus years that the WLN has been in print.
lists of matching titles, with brief bibliographical information from the OAT or Booklist file and the library's file, and a statistical summary of matches and misses by WLN Conspectus divisions, categories, and subjects.
Rather than routing randomly across the Internet, with potentially many intermediate points in between, this new arrangement means that DRA Net user libraries will be a single point away from WLN libraries and databases, and vice versa.
The WLN mentor match program seeks more mentors experienced in writing center work and scholarship to assist writers developing articles for WLN.
Next September, we will be publishing under our new name, WLN:A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship, and in a new format.
Cerddais i'r siop wln yn Farchnad Caeranrfon a datgan: "Dwi eisiau gweu rhywbeth.
The prject, called Afitel, is being promoted in collaboration with Zambora town council and the association of local businesses, by Wireless and Satellite Network (WLN).
Ar l cyrraedd roedd y merched yn cydio yn eu gweill (knitting needles) a'u peli o wln a gwau sanau.
The WLN MARC Record Service (MARS) and the OCLC Authority Control service are now included as two separate options under the OCLC Authority Control suite.
OCLC and WLN have announced their merger, which took effect January 1, 1999.