WLOCWorked Lines of Code
WLOCWindows Live One Care
WLOCWeighted Number of Lines of Code
WLOCWindows Live One Care (Microsoft)
WLOCWeight Locus of Control
WLOCWorthing Light Opera Company (UK)
WLOCWork Locus of Control
WLOCWinnifred Law Opportunity Center (Winterset, IA)
WLOCWartime Lines Of Communication
WLOCWilliams Lake Orienteering Club (Canada)
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Scores on the WLOC were normally distributed (M=43.1, SD=11.1).
While WLOC differs greatly among individuals, cross-cultural research suggests national culture can have an impact on the level and the ways in which WLOC is experienced (e.g., Lu et al., 2003).
WLOC, Family-Work Conflict, Social Support, Active Coping, and Subjective Well-being
We argue that people with a higher internal WLOC will be able to gain greater social support from co-workers for the following reasons.
Hypothesis 2a: WLOC will be related to social support such that internals will report higher levels of social support than externals.
Hypothesis 2b: WLOC will be related to active coping such that internals will engage in more active coping than externals.
The authors did not find the moderating effect of individualism-collectivism on the relationship between work locus of control and psychological well-being, thereby indicating that the positive relationship between internal WLOC and well-being can be generalized across nations.
Hypothesis 2c: WLOC will be positively related to subjective well-being such that internals will report higher levels of subjective well-being than externals.
Single indicators of latent variables (not shown in Figures I and II) were used for WLOC, family-work conflict, social support, active coping, and SWB to account for the measurement error in respective scales (Joreskog and Sorbom, 1988).
It was possible to improve the model further by dropping two non-significant paths (from country to SWB, and from family-work conflict to SWB) and adding two new paths (from WLOC to family-work conflict, and from family-work conflict to active coping).