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WLOGWithout Loss of Generality
WLOGWaveney Light Opera Group (UK)
WLOGWing Logistics (US Air Force)
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WLOG, we assume that j [less than or equal to] k, we obtain [J.sub.j] [subset not equal to] [J.sub.k].
Since we identify type expressions up to alpha-conversion, we may suppose (wlog) that the [bar]Y are chosen so that [bar]Y [intersection] V = 0, [bar]Y [intersection] [bar]X = 0, and FV([Sigma]) [intersection] [bar]Y = 0.
We may further say wlog that (j, k) is the worst cost entry (i.e., j + k = max{j + k, a+ b, c + d, m + n}) and that the Nash equilibrium (a, b) is worse than the Nash equilibrium (c, d) (i.e., a + b > c + d).
WLOG every totally unimodular list of vectors in R1 can be written in this way.
"I joined the WLOG when I was about seven and was so thrilled I still remember my membership number - 3435."
Furthermore vol(C) = [absolute value of A] and [B.sup.k.sub.p](0, [omega] - 2) [subset or equal to] C [subset not equal to] [B.sup.k.sub.p](0, [omega] + 1), where we can assume wlog that [omega] > 2 since [omega] [right arrow] [infinity] as n [right arrow] [infinity].
WLOG members had a special handshake and secret password and up to 87,000 would attend an annual rally at the Royal Albert Hall.
We argue for [??], u", u', u at the (wlog) beginning of the CUSP; the argument for the 3-path incident to w is similar.
There were blue and gold WLOG badges, based on Wilfred's floppy ears.