WLPAWitches' League for Public Awareness
WLPAWorld League for the Protection of Animals
WLPAWild Life Protection Act (various locations)
WLPAWideband Linear Power Amplifier
WLPAWaco Legal Professionals Association (Texas)
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LPA and WLPA tend to find monster community, and this is the reason why their FVCC accuracies decrease so fast.
In the fourth column and the fifth column of Table 1, we give the numbers of communities, respectively, using WLPA and LPAp on one weighted complete graph, ten weighted ER random models, and ten weighted computer-generated networks.
On ER random model, LPAp tends to identify many small communities while LPA and WLPA always obtain a trivial solution.
We run LPA, LPAp-c, LPAp-N, and LPA-k on ten used unweighted computer-generated networks when [z.sub.out] = 5 and then run WLPA, LPAp-c, LPAp-N, and LPA-k on ten used weighted computer-generated networks when [z.sub.out] = 5.
The incomplete update condition which only considers neighbor purity brings a remarkable decrease of running time, with a lower modularity than LPA or WLPA.
As shown in Figure 10, when [epsilon] > 0.5, LPAp-k is more accurate than LPA and WLPA. In incomplete update process invalid propagation of labels is avoided and that brings a significant decrease in running time.
At first, we run LPAp and LPA on unweighted club network ten times and run LPAp and WLPA on weighted club network ten times.
The graphical result of LPAp is the same as the result we get by WLPA in [11].