WLPBWoodcock Language Proficiency Battery
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A total of pounds 370,000, 18pc of the WLPB budget, comes from the WDA and the audit was agreed last week at a meeting that also bound all three major parties not to reveal the move.
The manual reports evidence of validity by correlating the WLPB with other measures of reading (Peabody Individual Achievement Test, PIAT; Dunn & Markwardt, 1970; Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, K-ABC; Kaufman & Kaufman, 1983; Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, K-TEA; Kaufman & Kaufman, 1985; and Wide-Ranged Achievement Test-Revised, WRAT-R; Jastak & Wilkinson, 1984).
We also used two standardized language measures, the PPVT-III (Dunn & Dunn, 1997) and two subtests of the WLPB (i.e., Memory for Sentences and Letter Word Identification; Woodcock, 1991), following the standardized procedures.
The treatment group's effect sizes for PPVT-III and WLPB (see Table 4) were moderate for all measures, ranging from .46 to .66.