WLQWork Limitations Questionnaire
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In the field of nursing, specifically nursing work, the WLQ allows the identification of cases of presenteeism based on the productivity loss in the occupational space, which enables identifying the impact of the labor process on workers' health and the development of actions to minimize related causal factors.
The research protocol was applied in October 2016 and was composed by the following self-filling instruments: sociodemographic and labor characterization form and Workplace Limitations Questionnaire (WLQ).
After calculating all the scales, we can define the WLQ index, which represents a percentage of reduction in productivity when compared to a healthy individual.
Work functioning was assessed using the Work Limitations Questionnaire (WLQ), a 25-item self-report measure (Lerner et al., 2001).
Correlation analyses were completed to examine the relationship between neuropsychological and PAOF domains and with work limitations in each WLQ subscale as well as the total sum score.
Fifty-two subjects with aSAH were included in this pilot analysis from a sample of 84 participants recruited for the parent study since implementing the WLQ because they reported being employed before aSAH.
Allaire, "Measures of adult work disability: the work limitations questionnaire (WLQ) and the rheumatoid arthritis work instability scale (RA-WIS)," Arthritis & Rheumatism, vol.
The WLQ is something Zeno or Parmenides would have come up with when they had bad hangovers.
Os dados de 150 individuos empregados no momento do estudo foram obtidos utilizando o WLQ, o SF-36 (questionario generico de avaliacao de qualidade de vida) e o SRQ-20 (usado para triagem de transtornos mentais).
Observou-se correlacao significativa entre gerencia de tempo, demanda mental-interpessoal, demanda de producao e o indice do WLQ e todos os dominios do SF-36.
A versao do WLQ em portugues brasileiro e uma medida valida e confiavel e pode ser util para medir o impacto de problemas de saude sobre a produtividade de trabalhadores brasileiros.