WLRIWorking Lives Research Institute (London Metropolitan University, UK)
WLRIWhale Lake Research Institute (Canada)
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Study of the associations between LRI/ wLRI and FA exposure.
Three mutually exclusive patterns of LRI were then considered in a multinomial logistic regression: unever LRI" (no LRI during the first year of life), "non-wLRI" (LRI without wheezing), and "wLRI" (LRI and wheezing recorded simultaneously).
Relation betioeen FA exposure and LRI and wLRI onset.
Furthermore, associations between FA exposure and wLRI were confirmed in sensitivity analysis: After multiple imputation for missing values, adjusted ORs associated with an interquartile increase in FA levels were 1.16 (95% Cr: 1.04, 1.29) and 1.19 (95% Cr: 1.06, 1.32) for LRI and wLRI, respectively.
This study provides, lor the first time, data on the association between FA exposure and occurrence of LRI, especially wLRI, in a large birth cohort.