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WLSAWomen and Law in Southern Africa
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This bifurcated view of the purpose of WLSA is particularly relevant when assessing the intended scope of both it and WEFA.
The WLSA centre has premises with a total enclosed area of 1,700 square metres, of which the workshops cover 1,400 square metres and the offices and lecture rooms cover 300 square metres.
L'Alliance de l'Attique Australe pour le Protocole du Genre englobe: Gender Links, the Gender and Media southern Africa (GEMSA) Network, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), SAFAIDS, women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF), Women in Law in southern Africa (WLSA), CREDO, the Women in Politics support Unit (WiPSU), women in Politics Caucus, Botswana and the Women Land and Water Rights, Southern Africa.
Emang Basadi, WLSA, and other women's groups have launched a campaign to get the Southern African Development Community countries (now including South Africa) to change gender discriminatory laws.
After completing its first two-year phase of research regarding the law of maintenance, the WLSA project expanded to develop action projects in each country.
The training courses will be provided by WLSA to ships' crews, superintendents and other shore personnel.
This is the latest step for WLSA in its development programme of opening three academies for global coverage of training and competence management services to ship owners and power plant owners.
For the training programme, WLSA is also investing in simulators for training in ship and cargo handling at the Subic Bay training centre.
Interestingly enough patriarchy is not sustained by men alone but by women as well who unconsciously identify with and defend it to such an extent that they do not even see the need to challenge and oppose it (WLSA, 1999).
(WLSA) PO Box 910543 San Diego, CA 92130-0543 Web: wirelesslifesciences.org E-mail: rmccray@wirelesslifesciences.org
Foi fundadora da organizacao nao governamental regional (ONG) Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust (WLSA), alem da Associacao Mulher, Lei e Desenvolvimento (MULEIDE) (5) e do Forum Mulher.
Harik and Wlsa Marston, in their book "Women in the Middle East: Tradition and Change," point out that the struggle, in fact, has been going on since the late 19th century, starting in Egypt and Turkey.