WLSBWindow Based Least Significant Bit
WLSBWest Liberty State Bank (Iowa)
WLSBWorldwide Landfills Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
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To improve the robustness of LSB encoding, a Window-based LSB (WLSB) is applied by employing a sliding window which stores a certain number of previous reference values.
WLSB guarantees correct decoding of v as long as both [v.sub.ref] at the compressor and decompressor lie in the [[v.sub.refmin], [v.sub.refmax]] interval.
The Window-based LSB (WLSB) encoding function in ROHC performs four LSB computations to encode each of the specified dynamic fields (IP_ID_DELTA and TS_SCALED) as described in Section 3.2.