WLSMWireless Lan Services Module
WLSMWireless LAN Services Module (Cisco)
WLSMWeapon System Lifecycle Management
WLSMWeighted Least Squares Measurement
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The calls are from locals who are submitting items for "Speedy Calvert's Switch and Swap"--a popular local morning radio show on 107.9 WLSM FM.
The new product, known as the Wireless LAN Service Module (WLSM) but more colorfully code-named Screaming Eagle, is designed to support up to 300 Cisco Aironet access points (APs) and up to 6,000 WLAN users on a single Catalyst 6500 with full Layer 3 roaming.
Se utilizo el estimador WLSM (Weighted Least Square with Mean-adjusted chi-square test; Muthen y Muthen, 2007) debido al bajo numero de categorias para varias variables (Bandalos y Finney, 2010).
Con tal fin, se sometio a hipotesis la existencia de un factor dominante en cada una de las escalas parciales, factor que fue estimado sobre la matriz de correlaciones policoricas utilizando el procedimiento de estimacion WLSM (weighted least square estimator), implementado en Mplus5 (Muthen y Muthen, 2005).