WLXWindows Live Experience (Microsoft)
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[d.sup.2]y/[d.sup.2] x = m/El = [([w.sup.2][x.sup.2]/ 2) + Fx - wLx + FL - (w[L.sup.2]/2)]/EI
y = 1/El = [integral][integral] [([w.sup.2][x.sup.2]/2) + Fx - wLx + FL - (w[L.sup.2]/2)]d[x.sup.2]
(13) Qiu Tingliang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], "Lun baihua wei weixin zhi ben" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ["On the Vernacular as the Key to Reform"], eds., Guo Shaoyu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Wang Wensheng IA4, Zhongguo lidai wenlun xuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Anthology of Chinese Writings on Literature through the Ages] (hereafter WLX) (Shanghai [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: Shanghai guji chubanshe [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 2001), IV, 168.
The WLX series of 4,500-pound capacity walkie pallet trucks features robust fork assembly, powerful hydraulic system and durable construction for reliability.
The new WLX wide belt conveyor provides safe, clean and efficient handling of primary and secondary food packaging, including pouches, standing pouches, liquid cartons, cases, bundles, trays or smaller products in mass flow.