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WM2Window Manager 2 (Linux window manager)
WM2Watt per Meter Squared
WM2Wealth Management/2nd Quarter (finance)
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Similarly, we use the coefficient on WM2 in model 2 to determine whether having Wal-Mart as a major customer hurts or helps a company's profitability compared to suppliers of other companies (i.
80, including P&P, from the Wales Tourist Board, Dept WM2, Davis St, Cardiff CFI 2FU.
WM2 2009: World MEMS Market Forecasts Database 2008 to 2012
Turn to pages 4&5 for Royal Welsh pictures, and see WM2 for more coverage of the event.
But as WM2 showed so well on November 2, the Wales Bill which London seems determined to foist on us is going in exactly the opposite direction.