WMAAWaste Management Association of Australia (est. 1991)
WMAAWhat's My Age Again?
WMAAWorld Martial Arts Academy (various locations)
WMAAWaltham Mills Artists Association (Waltham, MA)
WMAAWhite Mountains Attractions Association
WMAAWichita Mountains Access Association
WMAAWestern Michigan University Alumni Association
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Seno, about the 492-student school said, Having attended WMAA s first commencement in June of this year, I was struck that so many parents felt the WMAA experience changed their child s life.
Association memberships give some clue to the size, but not all members are educators: for example, a considerable proportion of AWA and WMAA members belong to these associations to meet more technical needs (e.
Steve Williams, of the WMAA, said: "By their very nature, circuses cannot provide the space and stimulation that animals need, and animals often suffer from stress, frustration and boredom.
Transcript of the "Firing Line" program taped at WMAA in Jackson, Mississippi, on December 12, 1972, and originally telecast on PBS on December 24, 1972, p.