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WMALWorld Martial Arts League
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"Paul Harvey is the Energizer Bunny of this business," says John Butler, operations manager of WMAL, the Washington, D.C., station that sandwiches Harvey's noontime report between the reigning queen and king of talk radio, Laura Schlessinger and Rush Limbaugh.
On a 60-minute guest appearance on WMAL radio's "Rita Foley Show" in Washington, D.C., Usher exchanged barbs with the AM radio host for most of the hour.
In Washington, D.C., for example, WMAL was picketed by twenty-five members of the Gay Activist Alliance and two women from NOW.(192) The groups demanded an apology from the station for showing a program that "projected a negative view of homosexuals and pandered to the mythology that homosexuals are child molesters."(193) Having already lost money on the program, ABC decided not to rebroadcast the episode during the summer season.(194)
Trump told the Larry O'Connor show on WMAL that he was pondering having his own news conference.
In commentaries for "Entertainment Tonight," Washington's all-news cable Channel 8 and local radio station WMAL, Conconi called Cooke "a mean-spirited, ill-tempered, tight-fisted, cantankerous old bully."
His passion and enthusiasm will be a great addition to WMAL and WRQX."
Residents near the soon-to-be former WMAL tower site are unhappy with developer Toll Brothers.
+ 0.2; 8.0-7.3-8.2, 0.8-0.5 below WTOP, 3.9 over CMLS WMAL.
2 WAMU News/Talk American Univ.+ 0.2; 7.1-8.0-7.3, dips 0.8 below WTOP, 3.9 above Cumulus WMAL.
2 WAMU News/Talk American Univ.+ 0.8; 7.2-7.1-8.0, way close to #1, leads CMLS N/T WMAL 4.3.
2 WAMU News/Talk American Univ.-- 0.4; 7.5-7.2-7.1, 0.8 under WTOP, 3.1 over CMLS N/T WMAL.
2 WAMU News/Talk American University.-- 0.7; 7.9-7.5-7.2, outpaces Cumulus N/T WMAL by 2.4.