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WMANWimax for Metropolitan Area Networking
WMANWindow Manager
WMANWireless Metropolitan Area Network
WMANWestern Mining Action Network (Billings, MT)
WMANWest Mt. Airy Neighbors (Philadelphia, PA)
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In recent years, wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN) is emerging as a public network, which covers the metropolis and provides abundant services for human beings in urban cities [1].
These wireless access networks are CDMA cellular network, IEEE 802.11 WLAN, and IEEE 802.16 WMAN. The price and QoS strategies of a network will determine the number of customers choosing different networks, that is, inducing resource reallocation among networks.
For simplicity, we also assume that the MS is capable of connecting to different types of wireless networks such as WLAN, WMAN, and WWAN, but at a given instant of time it is connected to only one specific type.
These networks include wireless personal area networks (WPANs), wireless local area networks (WLANs), wireless metropolitan area networks (WMANs), and cellular networks.
WiMAX has considerably longer range that most of the systems we've discussed; rather than being a WPAN, or wireless personal area network like Bluetooth, or a WLAN (wireless LAN) like Wi-Fi, WiMAX is intended as a wireless metropolitan area network, or WMAN.
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"Early Verification of Emerging UWB and WMAN Radio Systems," No.
Specifically addressing wireless local and municipal access networks (WLAN, WMAN), the first amendment, IEEE 802.11F, sets specifications so access point devices from different vendors within the IEEE can "Interoperate."
802.1 6a is an amendment to 802.16, a wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) technology that has been winding its way through the standards process for a few years.
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For example, Bowman describes a company, Johnson & Johnson Hospital Services Inc., that has established a program, The Quality Partnership Program, whereby less-than-truckload carriers are graded on nine specific characteristics [Bo wman 1992, 38-43].