WMCLWilliam Mitchell College of Law (St. Paul, MN)
WMCLWhite Mountain Conservation League (Pinetop, AZ)
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RMCB improves the sample area and efficiency in WMCL using a positive anchor node effect behind the negative effect used in WMCL.
There are various schemes that fully depend on anchor nodes such as MCL, dual and mixture MCL, MCB, and PMCB, and there are others that combine anchor and normal nodes location information like [MSL.sup.*], WMCL, RMCL, COMCL, IMCL, and Orbit.
WMCL narrows the bounded box by using the negative effect of two-hop anchor and normal nodes location information to optimize the sample area and enhance localization accuracy.
WMCL reduces the sample area by 78% and increases the sampling efficiency up to 95%.
The assumption in [MSL.sup.*] is adopted in WMCL and RMCL; the normal node broadcasts its sample to the first hop.