WMCRPWalton Madden Cooper Robinson Poness (architecture firm; Landover, MD)
WMCRPWest Midlands Casualty Reduction Partnership (UK)
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The WMCRP also pointed to an overall 20per cent reduction in speeding motorists on the region's roads during the year.
A provisional WMCRP report claims that 165 fewer people are now killed or seriously injured on roads in the region each year
Adam Warwick, communications and support officer for the WMCRP, says that the locations have not been revealed so that the public avoids stretches of roads with speed cameras.
The RAC Foundation applauds the WMCRP for revealing the speed camera locations, believing that it will make people slow down.
Adam Warwick, of the WMCRP, said: 'These people make up 27 per cent of all those between 35 and 50.
But the WMCRP said it still had to convince drivers it does not have a hidden money-making agenda.
WMCRP. - a partnership between West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council.