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WMDSWeighted Multi-Dimensional Scaling (analytical methodology)
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Yet, Bush's press secretary during the Iraq war, Ari Fleischer went to Twitter on Wednesday and on the anniversary of war to defend himself and his colleagues against "accusations" of being liars after no WMDs were found in Iraq.
He added "In this context, my country renews its call upon the member states for freeing the Middle East of nuclear weapons and all WMDs, and we call for exerting pressure on Israel to join the NPT and to put all of its facilities and nuclear activities under the supervision of the IAEA."
Never mind the 1 million Iraqis also killed all for "where are those WMDs?".
The document revealed 90 per cent of US-held information on Iraq's WMDs was based on "imprecise intelligence" and relied on "judgment rather than hard evidence".
Rumsfeld was told: "We doubt the processes are in place to produce longerrange missiles." Mr Brown writes: "In these months before the war, I had no idea that key decision makers in America were already aware that the evidence on the existence of WMDs was weak, even negligible and in key areas non-existent.
What Mr Brown and Mr Blair did not know was that in September 2002, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was handed a report that said 90 per cent of the US's data on Saddam's WMDs was based on "imprecise intelligence" and lacked evidence.
"The nexus between these emerging technologies and WMD needs close examination and action," Ban said.
But the worst thing Saddam ever did was to try out his WMDs on his own civilians, like the Kurds and Shia, killing thousands.
To combat the trafficking of items that could contribute to WMDs and their delivery systems, Pakistan continued to work towards harmonising its national control list with items controlled by the Nuclear Suppliers Group, Missile Technology Control Regime, and Australia Group, the State Department reported.
She mentioned fundamental ongoing territorial, religious, ethnic and other disputes that underline that the reality of WMDs and that the acquisition of WMDs in the region is interrelated and politically and security-motivated.
Prince Saud renewed the call for clearing the Middle East from weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), including nuclear arms, and stressed the importance of holding an international conference this year aimed at clearing the region from all WMDs.
The second President Bush insisted that he desired to target Iraq because of Saddam's complicity in the 9/11 attack, Saddam's supposed possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and Iraq's reported ties to al-Qaeda.