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WMINWaste Minimization
WMINWest Michigan Inclusion Network (Byron Center, MI)
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It has formed the Women's Mortgage Industry Network (WMIN) to draw more women into the mortgage profession, and the group has set a mission of bringing more "single women-head of house-holds with children" into the homeownership fold.
CUADRO 1 Datos basicos de las poblaciones de dorado (Coryphaena hippurus) en la costa noroccidental mexicana, durante el ano de 1997 TABLE 1 Basic data of the populations of the dolphin fish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the northwest Mexican coast during 1997 N Lmax Lmedia Lmin Wmax Wmedio Wmin Mazatlan Primavera 919 129 72.2 45 17.0 3.3 0.5 Verano 376 128 74.5 40 19.0 3.8 1.0 Otono 114 90 52.7 45 7.0 1.6 1.0 Nayarit Primavera 118 103 68.9 47 6.0 2.7 0.85 Verano 85 139 61.9 40 20.0 2.3 0.70 Otono 135 140 95.7 54 21.0 6.7 1.10 B.
We call this new algorithm WMIN. WMIN is a fixed-space algorithm that always destages the dirty page that will not be updated again before being purged or before it has to be destaged and, when there are no such pages, the page whose next update is furthest in the future.
1 year for claimants younger than 30 1 1/2 years for claimants from 30 to 37 2 years for claimants from 38 to 42 2 1/2 years for claimants from 43 to 47 3 years for claimants from 48 to 52 4 years for claimants from 53 to 57 5 years for claimants older than 57 After the full benefit period has ended, the benefit drops to a level of 70 per cent of the minimum wage (wmin) supplemented by an extra allowance which depends -- once again -- upon the claimant's age when entering the scheme and the last wage (wlast).
At 16, he developed an avid interest in radio announcing and joined the staff of WMIN in Minneapolis.
where, [R.sub.is]: the demand relevance of item i and item s after standardisation; [W.sub.is]: the demand relevance of item i and item s before standardisation; [W.sub.max]: maximum demand relevance before standardisation; Wmin: minimum demand relevance before standardisation.