WMJWilliams Junction (Amtrak station code; Williams Junction, AZ)
WMJWisconsin Medical Journal (Wisconsin Medical Society)
WMJWhisky Magazine Japan
WMJWorld Medical Journal
WMJWright Medical Japan (various locations)
WMJWesleyan Music Journal (Wesleyan University; Middletown, CT)
WMJWest Michigan Janitorial & Supply Company
WMJWeb Mumbo Jumbo
WMJWarnerMusic Japan
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Tyler Collins, a third year WMJ intern, is the third-generation of Collins to work at WMJ.
Jack's brother, Taylor, recently joined WMJ as a full-time project engineer after several summers interning with WMJ.
WMJ spoke to our interns about the effect their parent's and grandparent's careers had on them growing up.
Achten WMJ, Verchot L, Franken YJ, Mathijs E, Singh VP, Aerts R, Muys B (2008) Jatropha bio-diesel production and use.
Maes WH, Achten WMJ, Reubens B, Raes D, Samson R, Muys B (2009) Plant-water relationships and growth strategies of Jatropha curcas L.
Flip through the pages of Whirlpool Management Journal (WMJ), a new bimonthly published by the company's corporate affairs department, and you'll find dramatic evidence of this change.
Instead of trying to sanitize communication by downplaying differences of opinion or reinforcing a so-called company line, WMJ encourages managers to think critically about the key business issues Whirlpool faces as it becomes a truly global competitor.
Another regular feature of WMJ is "Companyspeak Alert," with contributors such as Edwin Newman and William Lutz taking aim at the euphemisms and convolution of faceless corporate language.
WMJ: Issues in Ferrites and Dielectrica for High Power Applications
(5.) MacDonald RW, Barrie LA, Bidleman TF, Diamond ML, Gregor DJ, Semkin RG, Strachan WMJ, Li YF, Wania F, Alaee M, et al.