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WMMWindows Movie Maker (Microsoft)
WMMWomen Make Movies (New York, NY non profit feminist film productions)
WMMWireless Multimedia
WMMWindows Movie Maker
WMMWebsphere Member Manager
WMMWi-Fi Multi Media
WMMWireless Multi Media
WMMWinmx Manager
WMMWorking Mother Media
WMMWell Manicured Man
WMMWorld Magnetic Model
WMMWiFi Multi Media
WMMWatershed Management Model
WMMWet Mix Macadam (transportation engineering)
WMMWaste Military Munitions (hazardous residue)
WMMWorld Movement of Mothers (France)
WMMWeb Media Marketing (Romania)
WMMWave Matching-Method
WMMWeapons Materials and Manufacturing (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
WMMWorld Market Monitor (Global Insight data product)
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Sedgwick's (1985) canonical critique of mid-eighteenth and mid-nineteenth literary representations of WMM love triangles, and men's homosocial desire in Between Men and a critical reading of the 2008 film The Other Man.
WMM: ?Las historias sobre el Presidente Alfaro presentan al lector no-ecuatoriano la emocion que el pueblo ecuatoriano de hoy siente por el?
The WMM provides a solution to thousands of accounting standards that govern bits and pieces of financial statements and cost allocation issues (e.g., First-In, First-Out (FIFO) vs.
According to WMM, Hydrau-Flo valves provide fast refueling times, delivering up to 1,000 liters per minute into alloy, plastic or steel fuel tanks; where an operation is already using fast-fill, the Hydrau-Flo system will maintain tank integrity by ensuring that the tank is not pressurized during or following the refueling process.
"Spidex WMM offers site-wide, unlimited-user access to your Mainsaver data via a web browser.
WMM Power Save is an expansion of the WMM program, which provides Quality of Service (QoS) for wireless networks.
The company's family of PRISM WLAN reference designs is based on a common software architecture, which will facilitate WMM and WPA2 certification for other Conexant products.
Wmm.com's hyperlinks hold the keys to the film kingdom: Learn about production assistance and fiscal sponsorship; view an entire Web page on grants; peruse links for an endless supply of feminist cultural resources and commentary.
And yet in examining their stated purposes, the basis for commonalities becomes evident: Women Making Meaning (WMM) highlights "feminist work in the field of communication" (p.
All of these improvements have been achieved without the need for electronics or complex arrangements prone to blockage and failure, said WMM. The Hydrau-Flo valve system incorporates robust fuel filler safety and float control valves that provide a reliable, hydraulically operated arrangement that depends on fluid levels as opposed to pressure.
Three months ago, WMM members agreed not to invite back as elite competitors to their events any athletes who were found guilty of an offence.